Online Research Methods

This course is a hands-on exploration of online research platforms.

Online studies are a useful option for all students who imagine practicing in user-research driven professions. User research is increasingly migrating from a linear, field-based set of methodologies to an iterative, hybrid set of approaches to better suit the complexity of problems industries face and the compressed time-frames development teams are asked to operate in.

Learning Objectives
The objective is to give students the experience of planning and implementing an online study. Through this experience, students will also have an opportunity to examine the appropriateness and opportunities of online methods for given design challenges.

Learning Outcomes
Emerging from the class, students will understand:

  • How online platforms work from a research point of view
  • What kind of investigations online platforms support
  • What kinds of data they generate
  • …and, mostly importantly, how they might integrate with field research.
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