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Inclusion is critical to our community and our approach to design at ID. We appreciate everyone who gave during our 48-hour celebration of inclusion and impact March 14 and 15. Contributions will support incoming students with fellowships

This year, we had a remarkable show of support, raising over $140,000 from more than 120 donors.

Support the Future of Design

Since our founding as the New Bauhaus more than 80 years ago, ID has charted the future of design. Today, ID faculty continue to provide an unparalleled experience for our students—now, in the best facilities available anywhere. Support future alumni and ensure that the brightest students continue to have the best graduate design school experience. 

The generous support of organizations, alumni, and friends plays a critical role in our advancement. Fellowships often provide students with the means to focus on full-time graduate work at ID. 

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Supporting Organizations

Recent supporters include:

Allstate / American Bar Association / Calumet Collaborative / dScout / Fidelity Labs / Grainger / Grand Studio / Moholy-Nagy Foundation / openbox / Steelcase / UChicago Medicine / World Business Chicago

ID enjoys the support of distinguished individuals, organizations, and those who have served on its board. The entire ID communityfaculty, staff, alumni, students, and friendsrecognizes and appreciates the impact of your giving. Thank you.


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