Giving to ID

Building our community

At IIT Institute of Design (ID), we are building our community to lead design in its next era.

All gifts on #IDGivingDay go directly to fellowships, building an ID community of “dash-designers”—students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and strengths.

We’ve welcomed the largest ID class in history this fall, thanks in part to successful past Giving Day efforts and the commitments of our ID alumni. 

Learn more about the work we're doing now and make a gift.

Supporting organizations

The generous support of organizations, alumni, and friends plays a critical role in our advancement. Many employers will match individual contributions—check with your organization.

Recent supporters include:

Allstate / American Bar Association / Calumet Collaborative / dScout / Fidelity Labs / Grainger / Grand Studio / Moholy-Nagy Foundation / openbox / Steelcase / UChicago Medicine / World Business Chicago

ID enjoys the support of distinguished individuals, organizations, and those who have served on its board. The entire ID communityfaculty, staff, alumni, students, and friendsrecognizes and appreciates the impact of your giving. Thank you.

Give to ID

Create the future

Your gift helps build the future we want to see.