“Naked Innovation” Released as an Open Serial

"Executives know they need to innovate in order to grow, but by far the majority of their initiatives fail. This book shows how practical tools and methods can make innovation less mysterious and more successful."

—Patrick Whitney, Dean, IIT Institute of Design

ID alumni Zachary Jean Paradis and David McGaw are writing an updated version of the book they started while they were finishing up Master of Design degrees at IIT Institute of Design. In 2007, they challenged themselves to surmize everything they had learned and the resulting book, Naked Innovation: Uncovering a Shared Approach for Creating Value has since been used around the world by the Fortune 500, leading academic institutions, and government agencies in the US and overseas.

In advance of a new edition, Paradis and McGaw are giving Naked Innovation away in its current format, chapter to by chapter, completely free. In return, they are looking for critical feedback to help make it the best possible innovation primer available.

A chapter will be given away each week until the introduction and all 13 chapters available. After finishing a chapter, they ask that readers submit feedback on what is working, what could be improved, and suggestions for the best examples to explain concepts.

Visit to learn more about the project.