A Lasting Vision: Photographs from IIT Institute of Design 1970-2001

Recently, IIT Institute of Design hosted a two-week photography exhibition in S. R. Crown Hall showcasing the work of ID alumni who graduated between 1970-2001. The exhibition ran from July 31 – August 14, 2015.

A Lasting Vision: Photographs from the Institute of Design 1970-2001 vividly captures the breadth, emergence of new traditions, and exploration of new technologies in the ID’s photography program during its final three decades. It offers a glimpse into the preoccupations and innovations of students who went onto exhibit, teach, and contribute to modern photography. In those years, there were many changes and new directions that photographic image making took, but in the end, it was the basic tenant of serious personal exploration that guided its many accomplished graduate students. Regardless of the new technologies and innovations introduced into the medium over time, there always remained the intrinsic fact that a good picture would stand the test of time and last, in spite of what technology brought it, thereby making the technology almost invisible.

This publication and accompanying exhibition would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of its dedicated and passionate organizers, Anne Neri Kostiner and Lewis S. Kostiner (M.S. PHOT ’74), along with the support of the IIT staff. A special thank you goes to Barbara Crane (M.S. PHOT ’66) and John Grimes (M.S. PHOT ’74) for curating the assemblage of diverse and provocative images that the photographers made available for the exhibit. David Travis, adviser to the show, brought both insightful and invaluable contributions. Finally, our lasting gratitude goes to the photographers featured here, all students and teachers in this remarkable program who continue to influence the way countless photographers see and make pictures around the world.

Patrick Whitney
Dean, IIT Institute of Design

For more information, contact John Lankford at 773.240.7956.

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