An equitable economy with Richard Wallace

Supporting Black informal workers

By Kristin Gecan

Richard Wallace
Richard Wallace

Episode 4 of With Intent is available now.

An organizer in Chicago for more than a decade, Richard Wallace, founder and executive director of EAT (Equity and Transformation), is focused on supporting Black informal workers—people like George Floyd, who are boxed out of the formal economy.

Richard explains the historic rivalry between Hispanic and black informal workers, his confidence in democracy, the reasons we have an informal economy in the first place, and why the informal economy is tied to issues of equity and race:

The reality is there's an economic hole.

The absence of equity ... is because of a design. And so we really have to begin to reimagine what this design looks like. We're trying to reshape this economy into one that actually answers to the demands of the people in need, as opposed to the demands of the people in power.

—Richard Wallace, Founder and Executive Director of EAT (Equity and Transformation) and 2021 Latham Fellow

Richard is a 2021 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design. Discover a conversation with Richard, ID clinical professor Chris Rudd, alt_ co-founder Jon Veal, and founder of the Food as Medicine Collaborative Rita Nguyen on our YouTube channel here.

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