Announcing the PhD Corporate Partnership Initiative

IIT Institute of Design (ID) invites applicants from industry interested in developing collaborative PhD level design research. ID is interested in piloting a partnership with corporations to co-develop design research relevant to industries. The partner corporation will sponsor one or more design professionals or researchers for three years to lead a collaborative research project between ID faculty and industry experts on a topic of common relevance. Residency at the Institute of Design is not required. The design professional will be able to continue in his/her job with the expectation of working remotely with ID faculty, and spending a one-week immersion in Chicago every two months.

Candidates should have a master’s degree in design (or equivalent) and/or significant experience as a professional designer. They should also have the buy-in and support of their corporate leaders, and be involved in design-led research in industry projects. As a pilot initiative, ID will accept only one or two candidates/partnerships for Fall 2019. For candidates or corporations interested in considering this collaboration, please contact Carlos Teixeira, PhD program coordinator at ID.