Data analysis tool Nineteen cited at 2014 Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul

IIT Institute of Design-created data analysis tool Nineteen was used by Tiffany Coulson, a graduate student at the University of Washington. She used it to create findings for her work with World Pulse and their global Women weave the Web projectShe presented her research in September at the 2014 Internet Governance Forum in Instabul.

Tiffany consulted with ID professor Kim Erwin and alumni Ted Pollari in her analysis of journal entries created by women around the world. In her presentation to the Forum, she cites Nineteen as the data analysis tool that allowed her to explore and engage in distance reading of hundreds of such journal entries that had been coded and categorized. The resulting taxonomy of 60 stated and emergent themes provides structure and action items to address issues of the global gender divide in technology usage.

Tiffany's work and the visual data analysis tool Nineteen will be presented again this fall at the Association for Information Science and Technology in Seattle.

Watch Tiffany's presentation

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