REFLECTIONS: Our first online student show

ID unveils End of Year Show (EOYS) May 15

By Kristin Gecan

ID students and faculty are finding new ways to share their work this year. EOYS 2020 is ID's online debut of what is a longtime tradition—usually in the form of an in-person exhibition and end-of-year celebration:

Design reflects and transforms a continually changing world. A dialogue with self, team, work, and systems is critical in shaping us as the next generation of designers. With more nuanced, more inclusive perspectives, we are rethinking and challenging what is possible.

Join us in our first online showcase as we explore the experiences and discoveries of our community in the last year. May these Reflections continue to inspire and provoke the work that follows.

—ID EOYS team

The EOYS website will open on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 7:30pm.


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