Faculty Member Carlos Teixeira Speaking at Politecnico di Milano June 29

Faculty member Carlos Teixeira is speaking at Politecnico di Milano's PhD Programme's Open Seminar series about Design Strategies for Complex Spaces of Innovation.

Carlos' research interest starts from the interpretation that contemporary problems and challenges result from seven billion people looking for better standards of living in a context of the unprecedented interconnectivity of the world economy, global society, and Earth’s physical environment. The central question of his current research is ‘How can design affect the lives and wellbeing of people and communities by leveraging the interconnectivity of markets, technology, environment, finance, and social networks?’ Based on the understanding that contemporary design can integrate multiple types of practices, the challenge in design strategy is to make effective use of such modularity and scalability. However, assembling organizational models that integrate design capabilities to put fragmented and dispersed knowledge into productive use is a tricky and challenging task. It requires strategic thinking, multidisciplinary collaboration, organizational agility, and continuous development.