Faculty member Ruth Schmidt interviewed on Action Design Radio

Ruth Schmidt, visiting industry professor at IIT Institute of Design recently joined Action Design Radio hosts Erik Johnson and Zach Simon to discuss the intersection of behavioral science and design. On the podcast episode Integrating Behavioral Science and Design Thinking, Ruth shares her perspective on the importance of considering the people for whom you are designing a product, service, or experience. They cover cross-industry examples of when to lead with a behavioral science lens and support it by design thinking, vice versa, and why.

"If behavioral science is understanding the biases, heuristics, and understanding the cognitive load that is going on, you also have all the things around people design. So, what is my identity like? What are the things about my past experience that I bring to the table? Maybe I interpret things differently only because I had an experience 10 times already, versus coming out of the first time. So that user-centered piece of the design helps us to fill in that part of the picture, I would say. It's a little bit more of the context setting. But that's why I always feel they create a really nice complimentary pair. Because they're coming at people, just from different directions."

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