Faith and permanence with Jon Veal

Building an arts ministry

By Kristin Gecan

Episode 8 of With Intent is available now.

Jon Veal
Jon Veal

Jon Veal is co-founder of alt_, an organization that focuses on the power of community. The alt_ market, the organization's flagship program, has transformed abandoned spaces into a communal free markets, encouraging community members to give, take, and take care of one another.

Jon talks about how serving his community and making art come together for him, the importance of faith in his work, and the planning he and his co-founder, Jordan Campbell, have done to help secure their organization's longevity:

We're trying to be intentional, every screw matters. Because when you're building a structure, the last thing you need is for things to be unsettled.
—Jon Veal

Jon is a 2021 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design. Discover a conversation with Jon, ID Clinical Professor Chris Rudd, EAT founder and executive director Richard Wallace, and founder of the Food as Medicine Collaborative Rita Nguyen on our YouTube channel here.

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