FERG Design Thinking Workshop

Marty Thaler, senior lecturer and ID alum Jeff Hsu led the first-ever Design Thinking Workshop for FERG in Taipei, Taiwan.

Jeff Hsu (MDM, 2011), Far Eastern Group chief innovation officer and Marty Thaler, IIT Institute of Design senior lecturer led the first-ever Design Thinking Workshop for Far Eastern Retail Group (FERG) in Taipei, Taiwan from June 11 - 13, 2014.

Managers of diverse retail business groups were tasked with developing a future retail experience to delight customers and improve store performance. Two very different store types where selected as testbeds to explain and practice the approach.


Beginning with in-store research, cross-company interdisciplinary teams developed their thinking from in-store interviews and observations. Through analysis and synthesis each team defined a point of view. From this, managers from marketing, retail, and web worked together to develop integrated service scenarios encompassing both physical and virtual elements that would appeal to real individuals and families.

The next step is to establish an in-house design group to provide design services for the retail group and potentially serve other businesses within Far Eastern Group.

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