Academy for Global Citizenship First Graders Prototype at ID

Forty-two first graders from the Academy for Global Citizenship visited IIT Institute of Design for a field trip as part of a current unit on creative problem solving.

The innovative teachers reached out to current ID student and former program coordinator at the school, Jenni Schneiderman, and together they collaboratively planned a special tour of ID for 6- and 7-year-old lenses. A dozen students and faculty members from ID brought passion, skills, and knowledge to the table to lead the students through an interactive tour and hands-on design challenge. While half of the first-graders toured the prototyping lab, photography studio, and workshop, the other half were challenged to design, build, and test a table made of newspaper, cardboard, and tape.

The morning was filled with questions, hands-on exploration, and excitement at every corner. The first graders and ID students and faculty only wished they had more time to visualize their ideas together.

Thank you to all that took part to make it special day for everyone involved.