Four student teams recognized by Core77 Design Awards

Core77 awarded IIT Institute of Design students for outstanding service design, speculative design, and strategy and research work.

Darren Gene Peterson, Hsin-Cheng Lin, and Shiyi Li's quantified self project was awarded in the strategy and research category. Their platform was designed to give QS "Experimenters" a forum to co-create.

Two of adjunct faculty member April Starr's teams were awarded for their outstanding service design projects.

The Merchant and the Muse, created by Katie Kowaloff, Adam Panza, Drew Raines, and Paul Sheetz, is a mobile grocery concept combined with recipe plans that would allow shoppers to get everything they need for dinner tonight.

Catalyst, also awarded first place in the Chicago Innovation Awards Scholarship Competition, was created by Maggee Bond, Thomas Gaskin, Anushree Jain, and Alisa Weinstein. It is a lab equipment sharing platform that would allow anyone, from any laboratory, access to what they need to do their best work.

Laura Forlano's Networked City students, Mabel Chan, Sarah Ekblad, Irene Loomis, Adam Panza, were awarded in the speculative category. Their cultured meat project, Meat Up, used speculative probes for participants to gain a shared understanding of cultured meat and then consider possible outcomes of this new technology.

To top it all off, jurors and IIT Institute of Design faculty members Tomoko Ichikawa and Larry Keeley announced the Strategy and Research winners live and professor Kim Erwin was part of the judging panel.