ID healthcare innovation work featured on Mayo Clinic blog

Last spring, students developed a set of design principles and a series of prototypes with doctors, nurses, and medical staff. Working with the University of Chicago's new Center for Care and DiscoveryMartin Thaler's advanced product design class have been developing healthcare innovation prototypes. Dr. Alexander Langerman, Director of OPRI (the Operative Performance Research Institute) worked closely with the team. It’s a powerful collaboration. Both ID and OPRI foster interdisciplinary work to meet the needs of a rapidly changing healthcare industry.

“One of our key missions is to open up the doors of the OR to disciplines that traditionally haven’t been involved in making surgery safer and more efficient. Our collaboration with ID has been one of the most fruitful that we’ve conducted."

Dr. Alexander Langerman

The designers spent over 100 hours in the OR. Their mission: to examine the day-to-day functioning of a modern surgical OR and develop plausible, cutting-edge solutions to inefficiencies. In the end, they combined current and near-future technology into their solutions.

Author Sumi Hansen describes the resulting healthcare innovation prototypes in a recent post on the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation blog.

Last year’s collaboration between ID and OPRI was so successful that a second group of design students  worked with Dr. Langerman again this year exploring OR information systems.

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