ID brings together designers and data scientists to explore the intersections of design, data, and behavior

The changing role of design increasingly demands that designers re-orient toward “design and…” by problem solving with other disciplines. In May of 2018, at Design Intersections, ID invited participants to explore the intersections of Design + Data + Behavior to discuss emerging data-driven futures in domains such as health care, financial services, and public policy, and to better enable us to wrestle with them. The program touched on real-world contexts where data and behavior change are already colliding, as well as new tools and methodologies to evolve our individual and collective points of view about how to navigate these futures.

Check out our panel videos or the summary video to see how over 100 design practitioners, as well as data and behavioral scientists, struggled together with thorny questions like: How do we respond to recent breaching and misuse of personal social media data? How do we interrogate how algorithms are developed, to reduce the chances of subjective bias creeping in? What does the emerging application of these fields in a systems context mean for the practice of design? What would an ethical approach to designing with data look like?

Design embraces iteration and prototyping as core activities, and responses to the follow-up surveys have already been invaluable in informing how this event will evolve in the future. ID was excited to see that 88% of those attending would attend another Design Intersections event and that 100% of those who attended the Design Intersections workshops would do so again.

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