Institute of Design and Stuart School of Business proposal funded by the Educational and Research Initiative Fund

Carlos Teixeira, associate professor at the Institute of Design and Weslynne Ashton, associate professor of environmental management and sustainability at Stuart School of Business's proposal "Designing Sustainable Systems Solutions" has been funded through the Educational and Research Initiative Fund. Institute of Design PhD Student Andre Nogueira collaborated on the project proposal and will be participating in the research.

The overarching goal of the proposed research is to reshape what we produce and consume and how, so that environmental and sustainability concerns are fundamental to product and complex systems design. The collaboration between the design and business schools will develop frameworks for decision making at the nexus of the human production and consumption in the context of global environmental quality.

In the first year, this collaborative research approach will be explored at the facility level at The Plant, which is an industrial building located in the south of Chicago that serves as a home for local food and beverage businesses.

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