ID students win at Campus 1871

ID students, Ge Cao and Carrie Blumenfeld and their teams took first and third prizes with their start-up concepts at the Campus 1871 hackathon.

Eighty students met at 1871 the evening of April 4 ready to work, learn, meet new people, and pitch business ideas as part of the hackathon Campus 1871. ID students Carrie Blumenfeld, Ge Cao, Gordon Grado, and Xinli Lin were among the 20 elected out of 80 applicants from IIT to participate. Other student participants hailed from 1871’s four partners universities, IIT, Northwestern, University of Illinois, and University of Chicago.

ID students, Ge Cao and Carrie Blumenfeld and their teams took first and third prizes with their start-up concepts. The winning team presented Alpacu (“Al - pack - you”), one platform for sourcing all moving companies and pricing in Chicago. The team was able to prove feasibility, market validation (they talked to 9 different movers), and built an impressive website.

The third place team created YOUnify which scours your social and professional networks to develop a map of your professional connections. An aggregate picture of your strengths and weaknesses will help you get the referrals you need to land your dream job.

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