ID students win for most actionable idea at IDEO’s make-a-thon, “Seeds of Change”

ID students Sarah Norell and Brewer Palmer’s team won for most actionable idea.

April 26 and 27, ID students went to an IDEO's make-a-thon, "Seeds of Change". 100 students from University of Chicago, Northwestern, Kellogg, and other schools and organaizations from Chicago attended including ID students Betina De Gorodor Bolado, Sergio Gutierrez, Anusheree Jain, Xinli Lin, Shanti Mathew, Sarah Norell, and Brewer Palmer.

Participants used design methods to come up with new sustainable and healthy ways for Chicago to connect with food. There were lots of innovative ideas and amazing prototypes to go along with them.

Sarah Norell and Brewer Palmer's team won for most actionable idea.

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