ID’s With Intent podcast premieres with Morgan Ames

A podcast series for design practitioners and design newbies alike

By Kristin Gecan

ID's new podcast, With Intent, is available now.

Listeners to With Intent's first season will hear from a range of speakers—writers, designers, business strategists, policymakers, doctors, community organizers. The common thread? Whether they identify as designers or not, they're using design in their work.

Morgan Ames
Morgan Ames

Our first conversation is with Morgan Ames, author of The Charisma Machine (The MIT Press, 2019). Her book focuses on One Laptop Per Child—a hugely ambitious, or as Morgan defines it, charismatic—project with good intentions: to bring a laptop to every child in the developing world. 

Here was a project that by all accounts, really failed. But the people who believed in it, really wanted to make the world a better place. And I acknowledge that. I acknowledge that these aren't evil people out to make a buck off of the lives of children across the global south. They really wanted to transform the world.
—Morgan Ames, author of The Charisma Machine and 2021 Latham Fellow

We talk about why that project failed, how it connects to utopianism, and what design might learn from it all. 

Morgan is a 2021 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design. Discover a conversation with Morgan, ID associate professor Ruth Schmidt, Pinterest founder Evan Sharp, and Global Head of Employee Digital Experience at Kraft Heinz Tope Sadiku here.

Turn (and tune) to ID to discover how design permeates your world—whether you call it design or not.

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