Innovation communities with Michela Magas

The way forward is nonlinear and nonrepetitive

By Kristin Gecan

Episode 6 of With Intent is available now.

Michela Magas has had a nonlinear career path driven by a focus on bringing people together to make deliberate decisions that enable long-term creativity and innovation. Those decisions may reside in the realm of intellectual property, as in the Industry Commons, or music technology, as in the case of MTF (Music Tech Fest).

Michela talks about how to foster innovation by bringing people from disparate fields together, why nonlinear career paths are the way forward, and the kind of skills people need for navigating our changing world:

It is very, very clear that the set of skills that are required, they're the kind of cognitive skills that are not repetitive. They are cognitive skills that have to be able to cope with unknown unknowns and surprising scenarios.

Michela is a 2021 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design. Discover a conversation with Michela, Charles L. Owen Professor of Design Carlos Teixeira, and Harvard Business Review contributor Thomas Malnight on our YouTube channel here.

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