Marty Thaler Teaches at CEDIM in Monterey, Mexico

Visiting Associate Professor, Marty Thaler, taught the prototyping and testing module at CEDIM from May 31 to June 2 in Monterey, Mexico. Part of the Certificate in Innovation and Design Thinking, a five-month program focused on design and implementation of innovative solutions that meet concrete needs, the module addresses prototype creation and validation from the points of view of viability, desirability and feasibility.

Students learned how to make their ideas tangible and unleash space for new and more detailed ideas. Since prototypes look like, feel like and behave like real-world products or services they were tested in user interaction.

The student projects ranged widely and included developing creative and productive workspaces, creating workplaces that can support wellness, helping Mexican indigenous people sell their wares, and helping dropouts re-engage with their community through new or different models of education and enrichment.

Visit CEDIM for more information on the program.

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