Meaningful work with Marina Gorbis

Plus, the unsurprising futures trend

By Kristin Gecan

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Marina Gorbis is executive director of the Institute for the Future, a place where business executives, policymakers, nonprofits, and others use foresight and futuring techniques to make better long-term decisions.

For example, you might work with the Institute for the Future to anticipate and be able to plan for a worldwide pandemic.

In fact, Marina worked on just such a project years before COVID hit. Now that the pandemic is real, interest in futuring has spiked. Marina talks about what futuring is and the trends she's seeing—in particular, how our relationship with work is changing:

Work is no longer the means of distributing prosperity in this country.

So much of our identity has been tied to our work identity.

We're going through this period of rethinking our relationship with work and our identity as workers. Hopefully, it will  give people more power to engage in the kind of work that they find meaningful—that is bringing value to them and their communities.

She also talks about how she defines value creation, that project that anticipated the pandemic, and her current project, the Equitable Enterprise Initiative.

Marina is a 2021 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design. Discover a conversation with Marina, ID Associate Professor Laura Forlano, co-founder of the Design Studio for Social Intervention Kenneth Bailey, and co-founder of and senior faculty at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design Mushon Zer-Aviv on our YouTube channel here.

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