World’s Best Design Schools list from Bloomberg Businessweek includes IIT Institute of Design

World's Best Design Schools Teaching Design Thinking

As the world's business landscape evolves, universities are attempting to keep up by teaching an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems. Bloomberg Businessweek compiled a list of the programs offered at both business schools and design colleges (sometimes jointly by both as with IIT Institute of Design's Master of Design + MBA). The list presents a snapshot of the movement to teach design thinking and innovation to a new generation of global leaders.

IIT Institute of Design was recognized for a focus on the link between strategy and human-centered innovation. The two-year Master of Design + MBA program launched in 2006 was the first to offer two distinct degrees that work together to cover all the angles of innovation. The design Master's is overseen by IIT Institute of Design, and the MBA, administered by IIT’s Stuart School of Business, teaches a traditional AACSB-accredited business curriculum. Bloomberg Businessweek also cited some of ID's business partnerships with companies like McDonald’s, Target, and Toyota as another factor in inclusion on the list.

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