New certificate program couples public policy with design education

Institute of Design is now formalizing a certificate option for students who wish to develop deeper expertise in social innovation through the pursuit of certificates like Non-Profit and Mission-Driven Management, Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship, and Public Management. Students who obtain these certificates will gain cross-disciplinary knowledge of how public policy and philanthropy work, or how non-profits are structured, financed, and measured for success.

Shanti Mathew, ID’s first recipient of the Public Management certificate, recognizes that “if I’m going to be embedded in a sector or field as complex as government agency or services there’s a lot I need to learn [about government, comparative political administrative systems, how government agencies are structured, how programs are evaluated].”

Rather than bringing in adjuncts to teach these classes, we are leveraging talents and assets across the university and giving our students an opportunity to share their point of view outside of the ID bubble. The classes required to obtain public policy certificates are taught by the Stuart School of Business.

In establishing the certificate model, academic dean Matt Mayfield notes that it reflects our commitment to a “non-insular”, multi-disciplinary approach, whereby designers have more potential impact by intersecting with cohorts in other industries. Mayfield has also established a partnership the IIT’s School of Applied Technology to offer certificates in Web Design and Application Development and IT Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These are particularly interesting given the strong demand for design professionals in computer related fields.

We are invigorated by this move to elevate our students’ toolkits and extend the professional value they can deliver.

For additional information, read the full article and listen to full podcast with Shanti about her pursuit of design in public management: