Dean Patrick Whitney named Design Visionary by Bloomberg Businessweek

Every organization is on the hunt for talent. Organizations know where to find the Six Sigmas and the financial hotshots, but where do they find innovators? A recent article by Robert Berner in Bloomberg Businessweek describes Dean Patrick Whitney at IIT Institute of Design as the design visionary who is providing industry with it's innovators.

"Whitney is a visionary, a key leader in a new movement to create a discipline of design. Like W. Edwards Deming, who transformed the "mushy" notion of quality into the rigorous, useful TQM methodology, Whitney is turning design into a core methodology of innovation. In doing so, this soft-spoken man has quietly become the guru of integrating the best of business and design thinking."

Whitney goes on to describe the "innovation gap" or where technology and user needs meet to create high level growth and profits. "Design thinking can offer greater, deeper, and faster insight into users' lives to help businesses know what to make in the first place," Whitney says.

To address the gap, Whitney has shifted the design education at IIT Institute of Design from a focus on visual expression to design strategy and innovation. His approach brings design into the center of business.

Berner closes the article suggesting that business culture demands managers who can master the process of innovation not "administration" and states:

"Patrick Whitney has made the IIT Institute of Design one of the best sources of creative talent for business today."

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