Patrick Whitney recognized as a Master of Design by Fast Company

Walter Herbst, CEO of the product-design firm Herbst LaZar Bell, has said, "Good design is not good enough anymore." Fast Company has just released their second annual report on the Masters of Design—the innovators, instigators, and risk takers who are the force behind design's growing influence.

To create the master of design report they took a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with an all-star jury drawn from business, academia, and the design world itself. This custom-made panel put us on the path to look beyond demigods and discover new heroes and heroines who define what breakthrough design means today. Taken together, their list of 20 masters are rewriting the rules for design and for business.

Patrick Whitney has been named a master of design "Game Changer." Game Changers are the agitators who are transforming the way we think about design. Fast Company describes Patrick as "creating a new kind of practitioner: business-savvy designers who draw not the prettiest lines but the most powerful conclusions about how companies can focus on the consumer."

"He's shifting the conversation from design as form-giving to design as strategy. He sees that the way designers think has great relevance to business strategy."
–David Kelley, the IDEO founder establishing Stanford's new

And like any true master of design, Whitney isn't proprietary. He's collaborating with like-minded champions and open-sourcing ideas to the handful of other schools around the world that are taking design in a new direction.

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