Students Collaborate with Hedwig Dances, Bauhaus Dessau, and Leviathan

In early October, IIT Institute of Design (ID) adjunct faculty member and alumnus Jeff Mau produced a weeklong workshop where five ID students (Tyler Beseecher, Audrey Gordon, Theresa LafranchiseSurbhi Kalra, and Alexandria Rengifo) collaborated with Torsten Blume, a research associate at Bauhaus Dessau, and Jason White, cofounder and executive creative director of Leviathan. Together with the guidance of Jan Bartoszek, artistic director and founder of Hedwig Dances, they produced a first movement for the Hedwig Dances production, Futura.

With just a week to work with Torsten, the students needed to quickly became acquainted with the Futura performance and Bauhaus choreography and stage techniques. After seeing the dancers perform, Torsten helped each student become the embodiment of a particular form that would be reflected in their movement on stage. Beginning with a simple piece of folded paper as the inspiration, students began to create their stage characters. Over the course of the week, they designed and built prototypes of their costumes; created visuals with Jason White using photography, found image, and vector illustrations; used Bauhaus techniques to create word associations and poetry to become audio for integration with the sound design; and choreographed a five-part structure for what we now call Futura Fractals.

The collaboration culminated in three nights of performance at the Columbia Dance Center with ID students on stage performing Fractals as the audience settled in their seats for Futura. The dancers, students, and collaborators will reprise the performance as part of the Bauhaus Centennial festivities in Dessau in fall of 2019.

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