Technology as medicine with Tope Sadiku

Health, happiness, and the corporate employee

By Kristin Gecan

Episode 2 of With Intent is available now.

This second conversation is with Tope Sadiku. As Global Head of Employee Digital Experience at the Kraft Heinz Company, Tope describes herself as a corporate doctor. To extend the metaphor: her patients are Kraft employees, and her medicine is technology.

Tope considers the evolving employee experience—really, how an employee spends their everyday—and how technology can enhance it.

The overarching principle for me is this idea of life balance—how do we enable technology to give you that life balance?

—Tope Sadiku, Global Head of Employee Digital Experience at Kraft Heinz and 2021 Latham Fellow

Tope is a 2021 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design. Discover a conversation with Tope, ID associate professor Ruth Schmidt, Pinterest founder Evan Sharp, and author Morgan Ames here.

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