Two Institute of Design PhD students’ papers accepted to Design for Next

The 12th European Academy of Design Conference, is one of the most prestigious conference of design in the world. This year presenting the concept of Design for the Next, the conference seeks for professionals and scholars to participate envisioning the possible role of design for the future of society.

From critical perspectives to real world applications, EAD conference brings together some of the best exemplars of the design community into one room and promises a very rich academic environment to envision the future of design.

For this conference, PhDs Jaime Rivera and Juan de la Rosa were both accepted for full papers. Juan de la Rosa presenting a follow up to his last year paper, "Prototyping the non-existent as way to research and innovate", where he goes deeper into the idea of the process of envisioning the structure of the future system by the use of prototypes as probes for embodied knowledge. Jaime Rivera will present the paper "Research through provocation: a structured prototyping tool using interaction attributes of time, space and information." In his paper, he describes how new technologies are bringing unexpected possibilities to improve our daily lives beyond the traditional focus on task efficiency and work environments. and a structured way to study these phenomena.

Full papers will be published on the conference proceedings.