Design Intersections 2019:
Design + Networks + Activation

For today’s leaders, achieving systems-level success requires cultivating and activating networks—technological, infrastructural, and social—that support new collaborative activities, processes, and mindsets.

This year, Design Intersections invites designers, executives, strategists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other diverse leaders across industries and sectors (including education, food, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, mobility, technology) to explore how we can activate networks through activism, entrepreneurship, and leadership and achieve large scale impact.

Together, we’ll discover real-world contexts where organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, policymaking, and design are already colliding. We’ll examine new tools and methodologies to evolve our individual and collective points of view about adaptive leadership and the transformative practices—and challenges—of large scale collaboration. We’ll learn new approaches for and from a range of industries and disciplines and reveal how design can do more than think—it can do.

Starting in February with a pre-conference event series, ID Design Intersections 2019: Design + Networks + Activation will culminate in a two-day conference (May 22–23, 2019) featuring panel discussions, breakout sessions, and workshops. Design Intersections has been programmed by Carlos Teixeira (Faculty Lead) and PhD students Andre Nogueira, Jessica Jacobs, and Irem Tekogul.


About the Design Intersections Conference

Design increases its impact when it intersects with, imports from, and integrates other disciplines. For more than 10 years, IIT Institute of Design (ID) has convened leading designers and professionals to discuss pertinent issues and trends in the realm of design and to understand their implications for key industries. One of ID’s key distinctions has been in demonstrating how business and design approaches can successfully intersect. With Design Intersections, we continue to challenge the boundaries of design and seek to discuss and discover its intersections with and benefits for a range of industries and disciplines.

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About IIT Institute of Design

IIT Institute of Design continually challenges what design is and can be. Founded by László Moholy-Nagy in 1937 as the “New Bauhaus,” we focus not just on design itself, but the impact it has on the world around us. For over 80 years ID has ignited designers’ imaginations—evolving design to combine form with human behavior, conquer complexity with clarity, and challenge convention through innovation in pursuit of a more sustainable future.