Josh Lucas-Falk

CEO, Grand Studio

Josh Lucas-Falk is the CEO of Grand Studio, a digital product design studio that was formerly known as Moment that helps big, complex organizations ask and answer questions that lead to better products and services.

Josh started his career in web design many years ago after graduating with a degree in Art History from Columbia University. For several years, he worked for museums and cultural institutions, including large projects for the city of Chicago and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Josh was the VP of Digital Learning at the Museum of Arts and Design, where he was responsible for all visitor-facing technology. These days, Josh leads teams at Grand Studio creating digital products and services for clients in a range of industries, including manufacturing, banking, insurance and sports/entertainment. He’s happy to surround himself with a team of designers who are far more talented than he is; he’s happiest when he’s helping design teams figure out how to clarify the most ambiguous design challenges.

Breakout Moderator: Achieving Equitable Solutions