Attendees may participate in all three panels on Day 1 of the conference (May 23).

Panel 1: Entrepreneurship + Emerging Technologies

Wednesday, May 22, 8:15am
To leverage emerging technologies for value creation, entrepreneurs weave dynamic networks of stakeholders, organize resources, and activate capabilities. The practice of entrepreneurship thus creates ecosystems that integrate a multitude of social and technical systems, consequently reshaping organizational boundaries and the competitive landscape. However, current innovation practices that fail to recognize the implications of emerging technologies can lead to even more complex, ill-determined problems. Panelists will discuss the role of design in actively making futures through alternative modes of infrastructuring. Experts in multi-scale transformation and entrepreneurship will share how they search for future applications of emerging technologies by reconfiguring networks and resources.

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Panel 2: Activism + Impact

Wednesday, May 22, 9:45am
Biased algorithms, automation that leads to planned obsolescence and de-skilling, and limited access to technology, media, and communication continue to lead to suboptimal products, services, and systems. But by integrating the expertise and knowledge of key individuals, particularly those closest to complex societal challenges, participatory processes can help us improve our systems for everyone involved. In this discussion, panelists with a range of expertise, including design, community organizing, finance, government, and urban systems, will discuss how they constellate individual efforts to produce systemic change. How can we lead processes of transformative social innovation within the context of market dynamics? What can alternative, emerging models of developing and scaling change teach us?

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Panel 3: Leadership + The New Economy

Wednesday, May 22, 3:45pm
Rapid and interconnected social, technological, and ecological shifts are causing organizations to increase their capacity to collaborate and adapt. This creates a new urgency—and opportunity—for leaders to support and enable large scale transformation. In this panel, we will explore how organizational leadership can use design to create effective collaborations and partnerships. This conversation will leverage panelists’ expertise in capacity building, resource allocation, organizational change, business innovation, and infrastructure change and focus on major barriers and drivers to impact.

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