Ruth Schmidt

Ruth SchmidtVisiting Industry Professor, IIT Institute of Design (ID)

Ruth Schmidt is a visiting industry professor, having taught courses across Behavioral Design, Communication Theory, and Semiotics since 2009. Prior to joining ID, Ruth served as a senior leader at Doblin | Deloitte for over eight years, where she led teams in applying design-informed innovation strategy to solve complex challenges and grow new innovation functions within client organizations, most regularly in the health care and financial services industries.

Throughout her time at Doblin Ruth led the development of Doblin’s Behavioral Design POV and practitioner toolkit, which integrates key principles from behavioral economics with the perspective of user experience to provide an actionable, disciplined approach to de-risking innovation and increasing user adoption. She has presented on behavioral economics and communication theory + design at multiple institutions, publications, and conferences. Ruth received a BA in Semiotics from Brown University and an MDes at the IIT Institute of Design (ID).

Workshop: Behavioral Design for Networked Organizations