Ariana is a Canadian visual communication designer from the prairies, with a craving for new experiences. She is currently in her second year of her double master’s degree in Chicago, Illinois, where she will receive both a Master of Design and an MBA. Her undergraduate degree was received from the University of Alberta, with a Bachelor of Design. Ariana also had the opportunity to study in Köln, Germany, at the Köln International School of Design, and in Jerusalem, Israel, at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Before relocating to Chicago to begin her master’s degree, Ariana spent two years in Vancouver, Canada, and worked as a display designer for the company Anthropologie. An enthusiast for the outdoors, Ariana was captain of her field hockey team, and spent weekends hiking in the mountains, and biking along Vancouver’s sea wall. As a dual degree student, Ariana leverages methods from both design and business to develop strategies for implementing concepts. With a background in visual communication design, she establishes clarity from complexity and focuses on crafting new business and user-centred solutions. Her greatest interest lies in community planning and organization, and the role design can play in integrating individuals as well as groups of people positively within their environments. She is particularly fascinated with how design research can get to the core of user needs and desires and be a driving component in the design planning process. Ariana is an empathetic designer who takes an ethnographic approach to understanding how design research can be analyzed and synthesized to benefit both the user and business case.

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