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Our Work

Chicago tickets

Partnership with City Clerk’s Office Aims to Reform Fines and Fees

Preventing Foodborne Illnesses, One Industrial Kitchen at a Time

A New Model for Hybrid Life

Skyline and highway

What Your Semi-Autonomous Driving Experience Might Look Like

Greening the Electricity System

Anti-racist pop ups

ID Faculty and Students Coordinate Anti-racist Pop-ups in Chicago

Food items

Transforming Chicago’s Food Ecosystem for Everyone’s Benefit

Rendering of Zenblen vending machine

Smoothie Making Finds It Zen with ID students

Flag Calumet prototype on Illinois Tech Campus

Redeveloping Brownfields with Flag Calumet

Boxville market

51 Futures: A Community Project in Bronzeville

The First Step to an Ideal Food Future is “In-Between”

ID students meet with Anna Valencia

City of Chicago Enlists ID to Aid in Parking Ticket Reform

Windmills: Twenty questions about design behavior for sustainability

Want to build a sustainable future? Study designers, Nature Sustainability report says

Boxville rendering

Building Community, Box by Box

Chicago Food Policy Action Council project

Starting a Food Business, Chicago-style

The Future of Brownfields

Eataly Retail Experience

Made in Chicago