Spatial Data Visualization


In this exploratory workshop, students honed their communication design skills while working directly with open data related to geography and position from a variety of sources.  Students combined this spatial data with advanced software visualization tools to reveal otherwise unseen trends and patterns in human behavior, attributes, and development.

Final Results

Students produced both 2D and 3D visualizations. Please visit the class blog to read about our process and interact with the finished 2D visualizations.

Using a variety of 3D fabrication technologies, students embedded their data in physical objects with consideration given to form, materiality, texture, surface, and specularity.

Ahmet Burak Aktas
Gaurav Bradoo
Gordon Grado
Do Hyung Kim
Roxanne Knapp
David LaPorte
David Pierce
Bryan Spence

Tomoko Ichikawa
Zach Pino

Completion date: 01/04/2016