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Multidisciplinary Prototyping




Collaborative Design

Credit Hours


Project-based course with students from various colleges working together to address a real-world problem.

Multidisciplinary Prototyping will approach projects with a real-world impact from a multidisciplinary stance. In this class, students will work with students from other disciplines around campus to engage design-led innovation methods and solve a real-world challenge provided by a company or organization.

Learning Objectives

Each class will take a multidisciplinary stance with approximately 16 students from different departments across Illinois Tech including Design, Business, Architecture, Science, Engineering and Applied Technology. Students will learn how to work with team members from different disciplines, approach a given project challenge from a multidisciplinary perspective, manage time and resources to complete a project of this nature, and present collaborative ideas to external stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

In the class, students will be exposed to different design innovation and entrepreneurial tools, frameworks, and methods. Students will learn how to:

  • Engage primary and secondary research for design-led innovation
  • Reframe problems using user and business criteria
  • Apply the balance breakthrough model to innovation projects
  • Learn to prototype in lieu of benchmarking ideas
  • Cuild the business and financial models for startup ideas
  • Engage systemic solutions to complex problems
  • Engage in project planning and roadmapping for multidisciplinary projects.

Format & Grading

Classes will have lectures on tools, methods, and frameworks for multidisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship. The projects will be collaborative and involve teamwork. In-class reviews of assignments on a regular basis will lead up to a mid-review and final presentation to sponsoring organization. In most cases, final presentations are made to the executive leadership of the sponsoring company/organization.

Enrollment Restrictions

Open to all graduate students of IIT. Recommended for second-year students at the Institute of Design.