Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, from anthropology to computer science to journalism. What draws them to the Institute of Design (ID) is a desire to gain tools, methods, and mindsets that will help them define “what could be.” As alumni, they go on to apply the methods and frameworks they study in an equally wide range of fields.

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IIT Institute of Design Alumni Industries and Roles

Data from 2008-2018 graduates

The experiences at ID expanded my worldview of what it is to be human.
—Jessica Lee (MDes 2018)

Our network of over 2,400 alumni is spread out across the globe. Members lead large-scale social and organizational projects, leveraging their design skills for the benefits of communities and businesses, and launching new entrepreneurial ventures. This vibrant network is invaluable to the students who follow them at ID.

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IIT Institute of Design Global Alumni Locations

While many alumni cluster in the North American Midwest, graduate locations also reflect the significant global profile of the school's attendees, as well as industry hubs for design and innovation, such as Silicon Valley, Berlin, New York, Seoul, Beijing, Mumbai, Tokyo, and São Paulo.

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