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is a podcast from ID where we talk to a range of people—writers, designers, business strategists, policymakers, doctors, community organizers. The common thread? Whether they identify as designers or not, they're using design in their work.

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Episode 5: Understanding 'beautiful' with Ruth Reichstein

Ruth Reichstein is part of the European Commission’s Presidential Advisory Board on the New European Bauhaus, or NEB, an initiative developed to help the EU achieve the goals set forth in its Europe Green Deal.

The NEB aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. In this episode, Ruth talks about the initiative's goals, how design will help them realize those goals, and what the NEB means by "beautiful."

Episode 4: An equitable economy with Richard Wallace

An organizer in Chicago for more than a decade, Richard Wallace, founder and executive director of EAT (Equity and Transformation), is focused on supporting Black informal workers—people like George Floyd, who are boxed out of the formal economy.

Richard talks about his confidence in democracy, the reasons we have an informal economy in the first place, and why the informal economy is tied to issues of equity and race. Richard is a 2021 Latham fellow.

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Episode 3: Prescribing food with Rita Nguyen

Rita Nguyen, Assistant Health Officer at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and founder of the Food as Medicine Collaborative, explains why doctors should be able to prescribe food—and why the healthcare system should pay for it.

Rita considers the individual patient experience as well as the healthcare system's role in food security. She is a 2021 Latham fellow.

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Episode 2: Technology as medicine with Tope Sadiku

As Global Head of Employee Digital Experience at the Kraft Heinz Company, Tope Sadiku describes herself as a corporate doctor. To extend the metaphor: her patients are Kraft employees, and her medicine is technology.

Tope considers the evolving employee experience—really, how an employee spends their everyday—and how technology can enhance it.

Tope is a 2021 Latham fellow.

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Episode 1: Utopianism and technology with Morgan Ames

In the first episode of With Intent, Kristin Gecan talks to Morgan Ames, author of The Charisma Machine, about One Laptop Per Child—a hugely ambitious, or as Morgan defines it, charismatic project with good intentions: to bring a laptop to every child in the developing world.

We talk about why that project failed, how it connects to utopianism, and what design might learn from it all. 

Morgan is a 2021 Latham fellow.

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