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With Intent
is a podcast from ID where we talk to a range of people—writers, designers, business strategists, policymakers, doctors, community organizers. The common thread? Whether they identify as designers or not, they're using design in their work.

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Episode 10: Hope and action with Mushon Zer-Aviv

Mushon Zer-Aviv considers new ways of understanding change and the future—ways that account for the limits of forecasting and consider the "darkness" of the future as a place for hope and possibility. He also discusses systemic bias, the value of small talk, his appreciation for Rebecca Solnit, Naomi Klein, and Milton Friedman, and how his work brings provocation and action together.

Episode 9: Meaningful work with Marina Gorbis

Marina Gorbis, executive director of the Institute for the Future, talks about what futuring is, predicting COVID, and the trends she's seeing now—in particular, how our relationship with work is changing.

Episode 8: Faith and permanence with Jon Veal

Jon Veal co-founder of alt_, an an arts ministry  focused on the power of community, talks about how serving his community and making art come together for him, the importance of faith in his work, and the planning he and his co-founder, Jordan Campbell, have done to help secure their organization's longevity.

Episode 7: Social arrangements with Kenneth Bailey

Kenneth Bailey, co-founder of the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI), and co-author of Ideas, Arrangements, Effects, talks about his approach to building a better possible world. Talking about specific projects like Public Kitchen, as well as the thinking and pragmatism shared in his book, Kenneth thinks we need to better understand our current world in order build a better one.

As he sees it, one must go beyond the problems we see and experience every day to understand the systems, infrastructures, or "arrangements" that underpin them.

Episode 6: Innovation communities with Michela Magas

Michela Magas has had a nonlinear career path driven by a focus on bringing people together to make deliberate decisions that enable long-term creativity and innovation. Those decisions may reside in the realm of intellectual property, as in the Industry Commons, or music technology, as in the case of MTF (Music Tech Fest).

Michela talks about how to foster innovation by bringing people from disparate fields together, why nonlinear career paths are the way forward, and the kind of skills people need for navigating our changing world.