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Past Events

Those who embrace purpose emerge as winners—a pre-SXSW discussion of Fjord, Accenture, and IIT Institute of Design reports.Read More »
Find out why IIT Institute of Design graduates lead strategy, research, and user experience design at organizations like Google, Facebook, IDEO, Salesforce, IA Collaborative, GE, McKinsey, Lunar, Autodesk, Doblin, Uber, SAP, Method, Steelcase, IBM, Capital One, UnitedHealth Group, and more. Our annual Spring recruiting event connects organizations and our graduate …Read More »
The ID community and beyond are invited to celebrate the life and legacy of ID Distinguished Professor Emeritus Charles L. Owen.Read More »
Learn how to lead collaborative, interdisciplinary initiatives with a global reach. Illinois Institute of Technology’s dual-degree Master of Design and Master of Business Administration program combines a user-centered, methods-based approach with a core management education. You can pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously to gain the real-world skills needed to integrate, interconnect, and …Read More »
MDM graduates develop 21st century skills to take their careers to the next level. Learn how this program for designers and non-designers can accelerate your professional growth, regardless of where you’ve made your career. Join IIT Institute of Design (ID) dean Denis Weil, current students, and faculty at our program …Read More »