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Persuasive Interaction Design




Interaction Design

Credit Hours


Examines interactive media and improving the engagement between a provider (e.g. product or service provider) and a consumer (e.g. users, stakeholders, purchasers).

Using the principles of persuasive technologies and design, we will explore theories and techniques to make an offering engaging enough through its interactions to support preferred behavior (such as repeated use, more effective use, or goal achievement) by consumers and to build a ‘digital engagement’ of either enduring quality or an actionable resolution. Also, we’ll explore classic rhetorical structures that may help us create a more purposeful connection between the vendor and their clients.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn terms, models, and theory that will help them assess and frame persuasive opportunities, conceive persuasive interactions to support behavior change and define a project approach with higher likelihoods for success. Also, they will become conversant in classic rhetorical structures, concepts, and terminologies so that they can better explore digital engagement.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to assess end-user needs and design solutions that will help support them in their participating in their own behavior changes.

Format & Grading

Students are graded on their classroom involvement (30%), their individual project (50%), and in-class assignments (20%).

Enrollment Restrictions

No prerequisites. This course is open to all Institute of Design students.