Organizational Models for Innovation

Course Overview
This course teaches how to strategically create enterprise design abilities in open innovation systems.
Enterprising design strategies, the capacity to effectively innovate by integrating skills, techniques,
sensibilities, practices, processes, and strategies that are institutionally and geographically dispersed has
become the biggest challenge for any organization or initiative dependent on innovation to be successful.
This course is for students who are interested in planning, implementing and managing complex
collaborative projects using design as know-how to innovate. Student will learn how to enterprise design
strategies in organizations by learning key concepts, analyzing organizational models through the lenses
of design strategies, and modeling design-driven practices and team dynamics in organizations.

Learning Objectives
In this course participants will learn…
• Key principles that shape open innovation systems
• To identify, codify and understand design capabilities as knowledge assets
• Develop design-based organizational models effective in managing innovation ecosystems
• Develop project plans for effectively leading open innovation processes

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course participants will be able to…
• Strategically plan when and how to deploy design capabilities in large-scale co-creation projects
• Understand the attributes and functioning of design capabilities
• Deploy design capabilities for increasing productivity in large-scale collaborations
Course Outline
• W1 Design Strategies in Open Innovation Systems
• W2 Open Innovation Systems as Networks and Algorithms
• W3 Diversity and Proximity in Open Innovation Systems
• W4 Affordances and Platforms in Open Innovation Systems
• W5 Exploration, Engagement and Ideation Flow in Open Innovation Systems
• W6 Organizational Models for Open Innovation Systems

Format and Grading
Glossary 20%
Diagram of Organizational Model 40%
Project Plan 20%
Class Participation 20%
Enrollment Restrictions
No prerequisites. This course is open to all Institute of Design students.