English + Design

As part of our mission to nurture a diverse and global student body, the English + Design program allows talented international designers to pursue a graduate degree at IIT Institute of Design (ID). This unique program of study combines English for Special Purpose (ESP) instruction with graduate level design education.

Curriculum + Courses

First semester (typical)Second semester (typical)
  • Advanced Reading and Writing for Design I
  • Advanced Listening and Presentation in Design I
  • Culture and Communication in Design I
  • Design seminar*
  • Prototyping Methods*
  • Fundamentals of Visual Communication*
  • Advanced Reading and Writing for Design II
  • Advanced Listening and Presentation in Design II
  • Culture and Communication in Design II
  • Building and Understanding Context workshop*
  • Product, Communication, or Interaction workshop*

*Design electives that can be modified with approval of faculty and advisors.

  • Students with TOEFL scores between 80-100 may be required to enroll in the English + Design program.
  • For those students with TOEFL less than 80 or equivalent, IIT offers intensive English programs. Learn more.


English + Design degree credits

  • The program is taught over two semesters, concurrently with MDes coursework
  • Students in the ESP + Design program complete 18 additional credit hours of instruction while pursuing their design courses. This adds one semester total to the standard MDes program.


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Tuition (2020-2021 rate)$24,501per semester
Student fees, books, and supplies$600*per semester
Living expenses (room & board)$6,750*per semester
Health insurance$1,687per year



Join our Graduate Program

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Application Deadlines

Spring 2021 admission
October 30, 2020
Fall 2021 admission
January 22, 2021 (early round)
March 5, 2021 (final round)
Late applications may be considered, please contact us
Admission to the MDes program with Foundation is offered for the fall semester only. Your application must be completed by 5pm (CST/Chicago time) on the due date to be considered for that round. You will receive an email confirmation when all of your materials have been received. Admission decisions will be communicated roughly four weeks after this confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page for more information. If you have additional questions regarding our application process or requirements, please send an email to admissions@id.iit.edu or call us at 312-595-4900.

International Applicants

Visit the International Applicants page to view specific information about joining our program from abroad.