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2018 Summer Open House

July 12, 2018
5:30-7:30pm CST
IIT Institute of Design
565 W Adams St 7th floor
Chicago, IL 60661

The rules of the game are changing. We’re living in a hyper-customized, globalized world where consumer expectations are shifting. Brands are forced to stay relevant by evolving with these new expectations. That’s where designers come in. Designers aren’t sitting back and waiting for the change to comethey’re at the forefront of making it happen.

Are you equipped with the tools needed to address future change? 

At IIT Institute of Design, we do just that. We provide students with the skills needed to identify, dissect and solve complex problems facing organizations around the world. We invite you to take the next step in becoming a change agent by attending our Open House on July 12. Guests will also have an opportunity to hear from current students working on faculty research projects and participate in breakout sessions with staff, students, and faculty.

Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations or who have questions about physical access may call Andy Dutil at 312-595-4924 in advance of the event.