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2019 Lucas J. Daniel Lecture in Sustainable Systems: Jenny Carney

September 19, 2019
6:00-8:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design at Kaplan Institute
3137 South Federal Street Morgenstern Pitch
Chicago, IL 60616
Jenny Carney, LEED AP O+M: Energy ecosystems: Reflections on energy management in the natural world, and Chicago’s clean energy transition.

In this second annual lecture, Jenny Carney, LEED AP O+M, Vice-President, Sustainability, Energy, and Climate Change at WSP, Inc. will lecture on “Energy ecosystems: Reflections on energy management in the natural world, and Chicago’s clean energy transition.” A panel discussion with energy experts on what it takes to lead transitions at the city and systems level, as well as a reception, will follow.

Jenny Carney has extensive experience helping clients engage key stakeholders, gaining their support while also developing meaningful sustainability goals and strategies based on technical analysis. Jenny has been deeply involved in the development of the LEED-EBOM Rating System, dating back to the initial pilot phase in 2004. She frequently delivers presentations and trainings pertaining to green buildings, sustainability, and LEED to local, regional, national, and international audiences. Prior to joining the green building community, Jenny worked as a terrestrial ecology and climate change researcher, environmental program developer and manager, and community-based environmental outreach specialist.


This event is part of Shapeshift 2019: Design @ Illinois Tech, presented by IIT Institute of Design and IIT College of Architecture. On the occasion of the Bauhaus centenary, the inaugural Shapeshift celebrates Bauhaus in Chicago. From September 16–28, 2019, we will explore our Bauhaus heritage, address our city’s key challenges, and host conversations about how we can build equitable and sustainable long-term solutions. Acknowledging Chicago’s and Illinois Tech’s leading roles in the development of 20th century modernism, Shapeshift celebrates Chicago and Illinois Tech as partners in reimagining the urban environment for the 21st century.

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