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2019 Summer Design Camp

July 15-18, 2019
IIT Institute of Design
3137 S Federal St
2nd Floor, Chicago

Design Camp is a four-day immersive experience into the design process that draws professionals from corporations and not-for-profit institutions from around the world. Participants’ common interest is in learning how to incorporate design methods into how they build new business offerings and enhance existing brands.

Over the course of the week, participants are introduced to problem framing, user research, analysis, concept generation, prototyping, design communication, as well as exclusive new content on behavioral design and leadership and innovation by faculty from the Institute of Design and our partners at Performance Coaching, all in the context of addressing real-world challenges facing Chicago area not-for-profit institutions.

A sample of past challenges includes designing the user experience for a park district sailing program for the disabled, conceiving the use of public space in the central library, and creating opportunities for deeper engagement for a senior citizen center. Networking opportunities during Design Camp include an improv session, a design studio visit, and an outdoor concert.