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Adaptive Growth in Latin America

October 11, 2016
7:30-10:00pm CST
919 Rua Casa do Ator
São Paulo, SP 04546003

Imperfect, impermanent tactics used to navigate volatility in the economy and culture used to symbolize weakness. Now, flexibility has been repositioned as an innovation strategy. How could business leaders and strategists learn from the "Brazilian way"? Join a venture capitalist and entreprenuers for a discussion on adaptive growth in Latin America, a panel focused on innovation and strategic design in the ecology of financial products and services in Brazil. Panelists will explore how relevant innovations or investments in Brazil could inform other cities within the "network" of Latin America and business globally. 

About IIT Institute of Design and the Strategy World Tour

IIT Institute of Design, a graduate-only design school based in Chicago, is on a research mission to discover how design is adapting to address emerging fields across the globe. The goal of the Strategy World Tour is to facilitate high level strategic discussion with business and thought leaders over a curated journey into the future. We want to understand the changing nature of industries and ways of living and working, and the role that design can play within that. 

Panel will be followed by a cocktail reception on the rooftop.


Luis Arnal, President and Founder of INSITUM

Luis Arnal is President and Founder of INSITUM, the leading innovation consulting firm in Latin America and is currently responsible for the global growth of the Company. INSITUM helps the biggest companies in the world create an innovation culture by envisioning new products, developing new services, designing better customer experiences, and crafting better strategies. INSITUM has more than 100 employees and offices in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and United States.

Bruna Chianca, Head of Customer Experience at Jeitto

Bruna is a industrial designer experienced in different approaches of design across corporations, start-ups and public political development.

Before joining Jeitto, Bruna worked for 2 years at Flow, leading the Financial Education Program for Adults, for the NGO AEF-Brasil. The project was focused on low income retired people and Bolsa Família familiesa social welfare program of the Brazilian government. The Program was developed with the collaboration of MDS (Ministry of Social Development) and MPS (Ministry of Social Security) and used the methodologies of user centered design and behavior design. During 2015, around 5000 people, spread all over Brazil, tested the prototypes to co-create and evaluate the best solutions for their reality.

Since the beginning of the year, Bruna brought a deep understanding of the user to Jeitto, their pains and needs, how is their relation with money and financia services (formal and informal) and the best way to communicate to them. Formerly, she was responsible for creating the Interaction Design Team at Whirlpool Latin America and then joined the Innovation Team where she led the review of the Global Innovation Process.  

Manoel Lemos, Managing Partner of Redpoint eventures

Before joining the Redpoint eventure’s partnership, Manoel was the Chief Digital Officer of Abril Media, the second largest media conglomerate in Brazil. An entreprenuer, Manoel founded and developed BlogBlogs, the world’s largest indexer of blogs in Portuguese. BlogBlogs was acquired by Abril / Naspers and originated WebCo, the first Brazilian start-up focused on the development of Web 2.0 products with a strong Silicon Valley inspired culture. Manoel led WebCo as founder and CEO.

Manoel is also the founder and chief-maker of, the first portal dedicated to the Brazilian Maker Movement community, which aims to promote the maker culture in Brazil and be the hub for Brazilian makers to exchange ideas, collaborate on and show projects.

Roberto Martini, Founder and CEO of CUBOCC and FLAGCX

Roberto Martini is the founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of FLAGCX, a network of creative disruption companies based in Brazil and the United States. These companies were conceived to help people and brands discover, improve & transform their realities. Exploring the fields of creative industry, FLAGCX provides the triggers for change in the commoditized world.

Using his background in coding, art and finance, Roberto combines mathematical logic with aggressive entrepreneurship ideas and outstanding execution work to deliver exceptional results in communications projects and bring real business impact to his partners.

His profile can be found in the books: From Inside Out, How a generation of activists is injecting purpose in business and Reinventing capitalism and Creative Entrepreneurship, How a new generation of Brazilian entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the way of thinking about knowledge, creativity and innovation.

Roberto has been acclaimed as one of Brazil’s most innovative professionals in the Brazilian advertising industry (Proxxima Magazine) and one of the ten most inspiring CEOs in the country (GQ Magazine). Besides orchestrating the development of FLAGCX holding internationally, Martini, R. is also an active speaker, sharing his vision on important events such as TED, SXSW, Cannes Lions, NY Advertising Week among others.”


Carlos Teixeira
Carlos is an associate professor at IIT Institute of Design with research interests in the areas of design strategy, open innovation, and sustainable solutions. He teaches graduate courses and advises doctoral students on the strategic use of design capabilities in complex spaces of innovation.