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Alumni Listening Tour: Seattle

March 22, 2017
6:00-8:00pm CST
Blink UX
1011 Western Avenue #810
Seattle, WA 98104

Where is the field of design going? What skills and competencies should our new graduates be trained in? How can ID help you stay competitive as a designer? What additional value can we offer you in your current role?

Our new dean, Denis Weil will be traveling the US on a listening tour to meet and reconnect with the ID community. In Seattle, join us at Blink UX where we will be hosted by Kelly Franznick (MDes 1996).

Blink UX empowers world-class companies to succeed by delivering awesome customer experiences. The consultancy was built on the foundation of science and design and the idea that all things can be intuitive if they are designed with a deep understanding of human behavior. Kelly Franznick co-founded the organizationa and is also chief experience officer & partner.