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Design at the Speed of Life

March 15, 2016
7:00-9:30pm CST
300 Rua Quatá Room 406
4th floor, São Paulo

Can design increase speed and quality of decision making and action?

The scale, complexity, uncertainty, and rate of growth of each new crisis overwhelm traditional processes. The connection between user experience and organizational strategy has become common in industry. What's missing is adapting that connection to address our biggest challenges—economic, social, political, environmental. How can we increase efficiency to reduce costs or envision novel strategies for businesses? How do we increase speed of action while maintaining a broad view in the face of complexity? What can design strategy offer Brazil as it responds to economic crisis?

Insper will host a conversation between Patrick Whitney, dean of IIT Institute of Design, world-renowned graduate school specializing in design strategy, and Luis Arnal, partner of INSITUM, leading global design and innovation consultancy, centering on design's unique ability to address uncertainty.

About the speakers

Luis Arnal (MDes 1998) is President and Founder of INSITUM, the leading innovation consulting firm in Latin America and is currently responsible for the global growth of the Company. INSITUM helps the biggest companies in the world create an innovation culture by envisioning new products, developing new services, designing better customer experiences, and crafting better strategies. INSITUM has more than 100 employees and offices in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and United States.

Patrick Whitney, dean and Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor of Design at IIT Institute of Design has published and lectured throughout the world about ways of making technological innovations more humane, the link between design and business strategy, and methods of designing interactive communications and products. He’s been profiled by BusinessWeek as a “design visionary” and named as a member of the “E-Gang” by Forbes for his work in human-centered design.

About the hosts

Insper is a nonprofit education and research institution that reinvests its entire operating surplus back into the execution of its mission: to be a leading center of education and research in the fields of Business, Economics, Law and Engineering, exploring their complementarities to positively impact organizations and society.

IIT Institute of Design (ID) is a graduate school of design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. We are dedicated to humanizing technology and improving the process of innovation by developing and teaching a methodological, human-centered approach to design.